Using Jekyll
Jekyll is the coder-friendliest blogging software I've found. Git+markdown+MacVIM = :D

Dec 10, 2012

Really liking Jekyll

Jekyll works great for so many things! In particular:

  • I enjoy hosting my blog and deploying using git
  • I realllly like writing using markdown :)
  • I’m totally comfortable modifying CSS, and I can even do that in my favorite text editor VIM!

But I miss:

  • Tumblr-style sharing and reblogging. Tumblr doesn’t really have a community of code-posts anyway though.

I Want Github-Flavored CodeBlocks

I really want to write github-style code blocks, so I tried using this plugin

And it worked great locally! But I couldn’t get it to run on github pages. The end. :/


If you ever have bad syntax, jekyll won’t compile anything. No changes. And it won’t even tell you why unless you ask.

If you say please it’ll tell you - this line does it:

  jekyll --no-server --no-auto
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