can be done free, natively, using Quicktime Player

Dec 16, 2012

Sometimes I need to record video of what’s on my screen.

  1. To demonstrate how to do something in a program.
  2. To record the steps I take, accomplishing something difficult (coding).
  3. When giving a computer-based presentation, to show people who’ve missed it.

There’s a lot of powerful software that can do this really well, but it’s more than I need. My friend Adam recommends ScreenFlow, and it looks really great. But for my simple needs, think I may be content without such fancy software. I’ve never looked for a free alternative until today, but I’ve found one!

Quicktime Player can record screencasts. System sounds might not go through, but that’s okay for a lot of what I do!

quicktime's raw footage + iMovie = :D

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