Google Drive = Web Publishing
simple HTML webpage publishing gets easier and easier. For HTML presentations?

Dec 18, 2012

Update 3/6/2013: You must have the folder published as “Public On The Web”. Just “Anyone With The Link” won’t work anymore.

See This Blog Post where I discovered the trick.

You can host a web page on google drive now. You can even host relative assets, etc and google drive does a good job of finding them.

One stumbling point I had: If you need assets, you have to use the root folder’s long identifying string. Not the specific HTML file’s string.

Hosting solution for markdown presentations?

I’d love a way to use markdown to generate HTML presentations. If I were to use a markdown-generated HTML presentation, I’d probably want to host it somewhere. Probably exactly where I edit it in the first place. In my google drive!

I took a shot at it

So I hosted a folder of “presentations” I may potentially give: Presentations on Google Drive


  1. Image embedding is manual by filename - ick. That’s not going away either.
  2. Remark.js default styling is horrible. I tried to emulate reveal.js but it’s hard.
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