Yale Browser Searches
for Chrome, Firefox, and IE

Jul 23, 2013

Update Feb 21, 2014 - added ITS Website Search.

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Browser Search Engines

You can add a browser search in Chrome and Firefox. Also theoretically in IE. A browser search saves you from going to the page (such as directory.yale.edu) and then typing into its search box. Instead, you type directly into a box in your browser.

These extensions are all hosted on github here. Many were made by Trip Kirkpatrick, some were made by Casey Watts.

To install in Chrome/Firefox just click the link below, and it will be automatically added to your browser!

Installation & Browser Notes


  • In Firefox, the search appears in the search box at the top-right of the browser.


  • In Chrome, browser search appears when you you type a short keyword (such as netid or directory.yale.edu) into the address bar. This can be even faster than using the search box in Firefox/IE.
  • The default is the url of the page, which usually works okay. Next to each search is included a recommended shorter keyword you may consider.
  • Some searches are for the same URL (phonebook by name vs phonebook by netid), and you’ll need to define different keywords for each of those if you want both.


  • These opensearch extensions can theoretically work with IE, but something isn’t working with them. Currently IE is not compatible.

Other Browsers

  • Safari apparently cannot add custom search engines currently (without an extension to add this feature).
  • Other browsers may or may not have this feature, try searching “browsername opensearch” for more information.

Yale Phonebook (by Name)

Add Yale Directory Search By Name

Look up someone in the phonebook, by name

  • recommended Chrome keyword: ph

Yale Phonebook (by NetID)

Add Yale Directory Search By NetID

Look up someone in the phonebook, by netid

  • recommended Chrome keyword: netid

Yale ITS Orgchart

Add Yale ITS Orgchart Search

Look up someone in the ITS Organization Chart, by name or group

  • recommended Chrome keyword: org

Yale ITS Website

Add Yale ITS Website Search

Look up something on the ITS Website

  • recommended Chrome keyword: its

Add Yale Service Now Search

You can search just about anything in Service Now using this - the last digits of an incident, a full incident string, a KB article number, words that appear in a KB article, etc

  • recommended Chrome keyword: sn

NetID searching in Service Now is tricky though, regardless of using a browser search. Service Now can’t currently find “all tickets” for a netid using the global search. Sometimes the global search can find some records, but only if the NetID was recorded in a work note or another field. For a reliable search, you have to search in each module separately for client.netid.

Frames: This will open a page without the normal Service Now frames. I like this a lot, but I realize many people wouldn’t. I haven’t found a way to make a browser search open the page with frames in tact.

Other Yale Opensearch Extensions

These (and the ones above) are all hosted on GitHub. Trip Kirkpatrick made the majority of these, and I helped with some.

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