Six Types of Hunger
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Whenever you’re hungry, it helps to determine which type of hunger you’re experiencing. Here are several kinds I experience:

  1. Blood Sugar Hungry - Muscles/limbs feel weak and unpowered. May be getting hangry. Need sugar.
  2. Stomach Volume Hungry - Your stomach wants more volume in it - food, especially bulky fibery food could help with this.
  3. Craving - Craving a specific food. Your body may be craving some nutrient or nutrients they have in them. Carbs? Fat? Sugar? Salt? Protein? Fiber? vitamins?
  4. Mouth-Hungry - Your mouth wants food, it wants to chew etc. Maybe gum or a mint could be enough.
  5. Thirsty-Hungry - Most foods you think sound delicious have a lot of water. Water itself could help.
  6. Bored-Hungry - When you’re thinking about eating food as an activity.
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