Yale Chrome Extensions
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Chrome Extensions

All of Casey’s extensions:

Service Now Linker

On all webpages, links INC1234567 to link to the INC, and KB1234567 to the KB article. These links will work as long as you’re already logged into Service Now - otherwise you’ll have to click the link twice (once to log in, once to navigate).

NetID Linker

On all web pages, finds netids and makes them links to the Yale phonebook. Overall it works great, but there is one known bug: google searching for a netid from the Chrome Omnibar doesn’t work - it pastes html link text instead. A workaround is to put a space between the letters and the numbers, such as sm 66 instead of sm66.

STC ITIL Terms Tooltips

In SN only, dotted-underlines every ITIL term and gives a tooltip definition

STC Service Now Tweaks

The STC SN Tweaks Extension has a huge number of modifications. If anyone in Yale ITS would like a subset, Casey would like to extract a standard set applicable to many teams. Highlights are:

  1. Web links in work notes or additional comments are made active
  2. The “Mark as Duplicate” button is hidden
  3. In the additional comments history log, hides lines starting with > character. Only the most recent email in a thread will appear, shortening the length of the page significantly.
  4. In Ticket Table View, tickets are color coded based on last contact. Example: A red row means the client wasn’t contacted in more than 24 hours, and needs to be contacted ASAP.
  5. Change background color for incidents based on Incident State. Example: On Hold is purple, Resolved is green.
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