Be Happy and Effective with Casey

Casey’s past teams all became “the happy, effective team” by the time he left them. Employees clamored to be a part of the team, and executive leadership was thrilled with our work. Work with casey to turn your team into “the happy, effective team,” too!

You Deserve This

You deserve to work in a happy, inclusive, productive team. Unfortunately, that is often not the reality in many work environments for many team members. Even well-meaning individuals can unwittingly make their teammates feel othered and out of place. This issue, at its core, is cultural and systemic.

Fortunately, we can improve this system! We can change our work environment for the better. Even more fortunately, all of these cultural improvements are simultaneously great for business outcomes AND great for the people you work with every day.

Measuring Progress

Do you know how happy and effective your organization is today?

To make sure you get as much as you can out of the engagement we’ll track progress. Together we’ll monitor the change over time: starting with a baseline, and checking in every 3 months. We’ll either use Casey’s standard team health metrics or custom metrics that align with your organization’s goals (such as objectives and key results, OKRs).

To really succeed, you need to approach this from both sides: top-down (coaching) and bottom-up (workshops).

Top-down and Bottom-up

A happy and effective team culture requires interest and support from both directions: top-down and bottom-up. You need both leadership AND employees to be interested, involved, and equipped for this cultural change. If your team is missing support from either direction, the company culture will naturally regress away from healthy norms. Even a team that is “toxic” today can be reformed into a healthy team with support from the top and bottom.

How can you make this change happen? You need to hit it from both sides: top-down and bottom-up. Teams see the biggest impact when using a combination of workshops and coaching. Leadership coaching helps leaders tailor these ideas to the specific circumstances of the team, and the specific people on the team. Team workshops help get the whole team on board to a set of ideas, practices, and techniques.


leadership coaching

Executives and other leaders set the tone and vision from the top.


team workshops

Employees really form the culture from the bottom.

What do people say?


I feel like we have entered a different era and the technology that has been developed will serve as the catalyst for the rest of the agency. So proud of you all and these developments are so meaningful.

– Andrew Davidson, Chief of the Asylum Division, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services


Casey’s secret has to do with knowing that, deep down, everyone is searching for joy and purpose in their work. When we inhibit others’ productivity, we ultimately rob ourselves of joy and purpose.

– Bill Garr, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

I dare you to walk away from a conversation with Casey without a smile on your face. It can’t be done.

– Lou Rinaldi, Yale Information Technology Services

I love it! What’s next?