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Have an event or conference coming up? Set the tone with one of Casey’s energizing, entertaining, and jam-packed-with-content keynotes.

People describe Casey as “bubbly,” “energetic,” and “entertaining.” Casey is the kind of person who blows bubbles in the park, teaches dance lessons to beginners, and writes explainer articles.

Casey offers two keynotes: one that focuses on individual skills (Debugging Your Brain), and one that focuses on team skills (Team Health & Alignment).

Debugging Your Brain (25 min or 50 min)

This set of foundational skills should be taught in all schools and workplaces: how to be introspective, how to process challenging experiences, how to listen so that others feel understood, and how to ask for support. These skills are critical for mental health, preventing and recovering from burnout, and wellbeing. Unfortunately most people only get exposure to these skills by going to therapy — until now! The big ideas from Casey’s book Debugging Your Brain are encapsulated into this keynote.

Casey’s approach for teaching these skills leverages his dual backgrounds in psychology and software development. He uses metaphors from software development to make these psychology concepts and techniques clear and actionable.

The 25 minute version covers half as many concepts as the 50 minute version.

The themes in this keynote are covered in more depth in the Individual Skills Workshops.

Team Health & Alignment (25 min or 50 min)

Your company needs happy and effective employees to succeed in its mission. You need everyone on the team - executives, managers, product managers, engineers, designers, and business stakeholders - to align with a shared vision, mutually understanding and trusting each other. Without this alignment, teams experience turbulence, chaos, and discontent.

Strong team health and alignment is so powerful! You will be happier. You will be more excited to come into work every day. You will have higher levels of trust with teammates. You will experience clearer communication and a greater sense of mutual understanding. You will naturally attract more talent to your team. Your team will be more effective. You will make measurably better business decisions. You will have greater confidence and clarity about the state of your projects. Projects will have better outcomes in less time, with less churn.

The 25 minute version covers half as many concepts as the 50 minute version.

The themes in this keynote are covered in more depth in the Team Skills Workshops.

Event Emcee

Every event deserves an energetic, entertaining, and organized emcee. Casey has been the emcee for several tech events, including NationJS. He can be quite a ham!

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