Team Workshops

For a healthy team culture to thrive, you need both top-down support and bottom-up support. Team Workshops support bottom-up cultural change. Leadership Coaching supports top-down cultural change.

Workshop Format

In a workshop, attendees learn to apply and practice concrete skills. If logistics get in the way, many of these can also be done as a talk.

Casey’s workshops are usually 50% presentation content by Casey and 50% activities for attendees. Some activities are solo activities where attendees answer a prompt on their own, and optionally share their responses with the group. Some activities are pair activities, where people discuss a prompt in a Zoom breakout room, and then we all return to the main group and share what the pairs discussed.

Practicing these skills is key. Each workshop has activities for attendees to apply these skills within the session. Each workshop also assigns homework to do throughout the following week.

Workshop Goals

Workshops are in three categories: Individual Skill Workshops, Team Skill Workshops, and Team Challenges Workshops.

Individual Skills Workshops
prevent and recover from burnout
improve wellbeing
preventative mental health interventions
clearer, more candid communication
Team Skills Workshops
diversity, equity, and inclusion
leveraging everyone's perspectives
feeling like a cohesive team
forming, storming, norming, performing
Team Challenges Workshops
getting alignment on what the team should do
incentive alignment / who should do what
addressing specific challenges

Individual Skills Workshops

Individual Skills workshops help individuals choose how they interact with the world and with each other. This set of foundational skills should be taught in all schools and workplaces.

These skills are critical for mental health, preventing and recovering from burnout, and wellbeing. Unfortunately most people only get exposure to these skills by going to therapy — until now.

Casey’s approach leverages both his background in psychology and in software development. He uses metaphors from software development to make these psychology concepts and techniques both clear and actionable.

Workshops include:

Team Skills Workshops

Team Skills Workshops focus on interactions between team members which help people feel included. Not only will marginalized individuals feel much more like a part of the team, but the team’s work output will also benefit enormously from having everyone’s ideas incorporated.

Inclusive Communication Workshops:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Workshops:

Team Challenges Workshops

Team Challenges Workshops focus on the communication patterns and social norms of smaller teams (4-10) of people who regularly work together, working on specific challenges the team faces today.

Workshops include:

Casey has also facilitated many of the workshops listed on the Product Discovery Methods site and the 18F Methods site. Casey can help you figure out which of these might best help your team with the particular challenges they have.

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